The end of the spring semester is around the corner, marking the end of a very non-traditional year of learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID has changed the way we work — but should it change the way we learn? When it comes to college education, students and parents are wondering how we return to normal, rather than creating a new normal. Rutgers University thinks it may have the answer: mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.

Since March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused quarantine measures to be implemented across colleges and universities. In many cases, this meant suspension of in-person classes in favor…

Picture of the small and large intenstine — the gut

Spring is finally here and I’m sure some of you are already in the “spring cleaning mode.” You are cleaning and organizing your house or apartment, and some of you might be thinking about “cleaning” your body. It’s always this time of year that I get a lot of questions about the benefits of a cleanse of their digestive system. Before you embark on one, consider the following.

Cleansing programs have been popularized over the years by celebrities and social media influencers, with claims that these programs can aid in weight loss, purify the body of toxins, restore pH, reduce…

With COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths decreasing dramatically, along with immunizations increasing, employers are turning their attention to reopening. When it comes to reopening businesses, it can’t be a “one size fits all” approach nor can it be like a light switch “turning back on.” COVID has permanently changed the way we do business. Although a general roadmap doesn’t currently exist, we are starting to see some driving concepts, primarily around risk when it comes to return-to-work.

Decisions need to be based on factors such as the (1) type and function of activity, (2) the environment in which it is…

We all need a hug right now, don’t we? Guess what? The data shows that for most people, if you been waiting to see someone and hug them, now may be the time.

Given the decrease in new COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths — especially in the elderly — the CDC says nursing homes should now allow indoor visitations. And that’s regardless of vaccination status! There’s a few exceptions to visitation such as when there’s a very high risk of transmission but otherwise it’s considered safe to visit.

This is great news since many people have been waiting to see…

When you think about risk, going to a movie might be a good idea!

As you decide what to do when businesses start to reopen, it is important to consider risk — the risk of the activity and your underlying health risks. Lots of folks have been talking about going to restaurants and returning to the gym. At first glance, you might think going to a movie seems kind of risky. But when you look at it more closely, it could be one of the safer options.

How so? In some cities, you need to undergo a rapid test before…

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